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Home of the Redwoods, Humboldt County is where Quade grew up and Marianne moved to in 2009. This is rural Northern California and public transportation (Uber and Lyft included) are extremely hard to come by unfortunately, so car rental is recommended if you're traveling from out of state; they don't call it the Lost Coast for nothing!


Lodging is also somewhat limited in the area, so we'd like to offer the option for guests to camp on the property if they'd like to take the rugged route! Otherwise we'd recommend tag-teaming an Air BnB or a room at the Bear River Casino. 

A shuttle will be provided on the wedding night for guests staying at the Bear River Casino


We've reserved 5 rooms (so far) at Bear River Casino, and although they don't provide a group rate, they have the shuttle mentioned above.

Below are maps from the nearest towns to points of interest for the wedding

Megaphone Collage


The original restaurant we were going to have the meet and greet dinner at closed down indefinitely, check below for the new location!

Ross Residence

1330 Tompkins Hill Road

Fortuna, CA 95540

Distance from:

Bear River Casino - 8 minutes - 4.1 miles

Ross Residence - 0 minutes - 0.0 miles

Fortuna - 6 minutes - 2.6 miles

Eureka - 23 minutes - 17.8 miles

Arcata - 33 minutes - 28.2 miles

River Spot

(river spot subject to change)

California Federation of Women's Clubs Grove

Avenue of the Giants

Weott, CA

Distance from:

Bear River Casino - 32 minutes - 30.1 miles

Ross Residence - 31 minutes - 28.9 miles

Fortuna - 27 minutes - 27.7 miles

Eureka - 47 minutes - 44.1 miles

Arcata - 57 minutes - 52.2 miles

900 New Navy Base Rd,

Samoa, CA 95564

Distance from:

Bear River Casino - 31 minutes - 21.1 miles

Ross Residence - 34 minutes - 23.9 miles

Fortuna - 32 minutes - 24.1 miles

Eureka - 11 minutes - 6.8 miles

Arcata - 15 minutes - 11.8 miles

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