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lodging recommendations

Since we know a little more about the area than most people traveling here, we thought it would be a good idea to share some lodging recommendations based solely on their location. We've also thrown in a couple recommendations of the nicer hotels in the area, but again this isn't based on experience or price, just wanted to try and help folks understand the areas a bit!  


This is quite possibly one of the more expensive options, but the hotel has its perks. We will be providing a shuttle for folks staying at this hotel after festivities conclude the night of the wedding. We've reserved a block of 5 rooms so far, and at this point they do not provide a group rate unfortunately. Please click here to request a reservation code to book one of the rooms in our block at Bear River Casino.

Aside from being a non-smoking casino, the hotel offers 2 restaurants (we've only been to one), an indoor pool, and some of the cheapest gas you can get in the county! They also have an airport pick-up service for $25 per person. The proximity of this hotel in relation to all wedding events is also a major perk.

Here are some random airbnbs we found that are either a good price or have a decent proximity to the festivities. Neither Quade or myself have stayed at any of these places or know the people running them.

"Craftsman on Main"

Cute place that sleeps up to 8 in Victorian Village of Ferndale about 15 minutes from wedding venue, click here

"The Ranch Cottage"

Extremely close to wedding venue, not quite walking distance but definitely a stones throw away. Sleeps 4 - click here

"Redwood Hiding Place"

A decent looking cheaper option ($90/night) that sleeps 4 and is about 15 minutes from the wedding venue, click here

"Hip & Modern Fortuna Home"

While I doubt how "hip & modern" this place is (I mean if you have to say it, is it really that cool?), it's location and price point for sleeping up to 6 puts it on the list - click here

"Creekside Home"

Again, nothing too great to see here, but it's only $140 a night, can sleep up to 6, and is about 15 minutes from the wedding venue, click here

"Pet Friendly Garden House"

This one is semi hard to believe, but it apparently can sleep up to 8 and is pet friendly for only $269/night. It's about 20 minutes from the wedding venue, but a little closer to the river spot which makes it a good "in-between" spot to land - click here

"Charming Home"

Okay, so this place is just epic. It's expensive ($514/night) BUT sleeps up to 10, has a hot tub, and is literally next door to the wedding venue (you could walk home the night of the wedding!). There is a second unit with this property which we put directly below this blurb - click here

"Charming Home 2"

This is the other epic listing attached (or very close) to the place above. This place only sleeps up to 8 but is also about $200 cheaper than the place above, and is walking distance to the wedding venue - click here

"Little House of Rock N Roll"

This is a really cheap option for a single person or couple looking for a bit of privacy if they don't want to camp or share an airbnb. $60/night up to 2 people and about 30 minutes from the wedding venue, click here


The Scotia Lodge (formally Scotia Inn) is a historic hotel in a cute little town about 20 minutes from the wedding venue and 25 minutes from the river spot. This is definitely the most "up to date" hotel in the area, with a couple cool bars and a restaurant with pretty decent food. They have a sister hotel/bar/restaurant closer to Eureka which we'll talk about below.

This place is super cute and is definitely the place for folks wanting a more scenic stay. They have a few different options for lodging - some cabins on the beach or a block of rooms attached to their bar/restaurant. This is one of Marianne's favorite places to hang out - they have fire pits and fun little picnic/grilling baskets you can purchase! HBSC is a little further away from the wedding venue at about a 30-35 minute drive.

While both of these places are super cute and fun to hang out at, they are some of the more expensive options in the area

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